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NPR News

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NPR : National Public Radio                                              
   Wednesday, July 17, 2024                                              
     * California Rep. Adam Schiff calls for Biden to step aside         
     * Special counsel appeals judge's dismissal of Trump documents case 
     * With his choice of Vance as VP, Trump doubles down on his version 
       of isolationism                                                   
     * Reality star Savannah Chrisley says her parents were victims of   
       political persecution                                             
     * How the vice presidency went from an 'insignificant office' to a  
       political powerhouse                                              
     * 6 takeaways from the 2024 Emmy nominations                        
     * What to know about Sixwire, the RNC band supplying the dad rock   
       each night during prime time                                      
     * Paris mayor swims in the Seine to demonstrate its safety ahead of 
       the Olympics                                                      
     * Olympics reassigns a 1900 medal  and its winner  from Britain to  
     * Mammograms have pros and cons. Women can handle the nuance, study 

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