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NPR News

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NPR : National Public Radio                                                
   Monday, October 2, 2023                                                 
     * It's one of the world's toughest anti-smoking laws. The Mori see a  
       major flaw                                                          
     * In France, workers build a castle from scratch the 13th century way 
     * Taylor Swift's stadium stop hikes up ticket prices for Chiefs-Jets  
     * This comedian says words often fail during tragedy. And that's OK   
     * How the far right could remove McCarthy and why his fate could be   
       in Democrats' hands                                                 
     * Congress passes spending stopgap, averting a shutdown hours before  
     * To prevent gun violence, these peacemakers start with the basics    
     * At least 9 dead after church roof collapses in Mexico, officials    
     * France sees a jump in bedbugs, as Paris prepares to host the        
       Olympics next year                                                  
     * Turkey strikes suspected Kurdish militants in Iraq after a suicide  
       attack in Ankara                                                    

BBC News

Water firms seek bill rise to pay for upgrades Living wage to rise to 11 an hour, chancellor to confirm 72-hour doctor strike to cause extreme disruption Covid will 'continue to surprise us', warns health official Las Vegas Sphere: Look inside the new venue for the first time Gillian Keegan pledges crackdown on mobiles in schools Turkey strikes Kurdish rebels after Ankara blast BBC Wales presenter Lucy Owen's eyesight saved by routine test Bradley Lowery: Man charged over 'taunt' at Sheffield Wednesday match First class stamp price jumps to 1.25 Taylor Swift attends Travis Kelce's NFL game with Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Sophie Turner and Hugh Jackman 'Huge' fire breaks out at police facility in Egypt Migrants trying to reach the UK cross the Alps on foot The former footballer scoring with his art The Papers: 'Tories eye PM's throne' and 'Schools phones ban' Covid inquiry: What is it investigating and how does it work? The people going 'monk mode' to limit social media use From Scotland to Canada, a totem pole finally returns home Katherine Ryan: Difficult choice to work with dangerous comic Jake Abraham: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels actor dies aged 56 runtime in seconds: 0.881700277328 HNET - RELAY SERVER @@@@@

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