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General MVS and VM related goodies, jobs, installables, examples       https://github.com/moshix/mvs   
MVS, z/OS console commands                                             https://github.com/moshix/MVSConsoleCommands   
List of common ABEND codes and explanation                             https://github.com/moshix/ABENDcodes   
ISPF-like editor environment for MS-DOS                                https://github.com/moshix/SPFPC   
NJE subsystem for MVS 3.8 by Bob Polmanter                             https://github.com/moshix/nje38mvs   
Most (if not all) classic BITNET server systems (like chat etc.)       https://github.com/moshix/BITNETServices   
The OS/VS2 MVS 3.8 Macro library                                       https://github.com/moshix/MVS38j.SYS1.MACLIB   
IBM's OS/VS1 Distribution libraries and install instructions           https://github.com/moshix/OSVS1   
IBM's OS/VS2  SVS Distribution libraries and instructions              https://github.com/moshix/OS-SVS
Amdahls' UTS UNIX system for VM/370                                    https://github.com/moshix/UTS   
An S/370 assembler in Python                                           https://github.com/moshix/s370asm   
KICKS, the CICS (mostly ) compatible system for MVS and VM             https://github.com/moshix/kicks   
An MVS 3.8 disassembler with good SVC handling                         https://github.com/moshix/mvs38dasm   
Another good disassembler                                              https://github.com/moshix/da
A working IBM 1401 emulator in assmebler for MVS 3.8 (works fine)      https://github.com/moshix/IBM1401   
A 3270 terminal handling system in Go                                  https://github.com/moshix/proxy3270   
A web server in REXX with CGIs in REXX                                 https://github.com/moshix/rexxwebserver   
A working CRAY OS distribution with matching emulator                  https://github.com/moshix/crayOS   
The most up to date IBM mainframe emulator                             https://github.com/SDL-Hercules-390/hyperion   
The most automated way to build Hyperion                               https://github.com/wrljet/hercules-helper   
Soldier of Fortran's amazing automated MVS 3.8 sysgen system           https://github.com/MVS-sysgen/sysgen   
VMSHARE Historical archives                                            http://vm.marist.edu/~vmshare/vmshare.cgi
Amdahl VM/SP training notebooks (also at Smithsonian in D.C.)           http://n4trb.com/Computing/Amdahl/Amdahl%20Systems%20Engineer%20Training%20Notebook%20006.pdf